Lake House Decor - Wood Lake Maps

Lake House Decor - Wood Lake Maps

It all starts with the request of our clients.  We ask each customer for any details they would like to provide such as the lake name, locations to be marked, personalization, and anything else to make this wood map an original design.  Not one of our nearly 3,000 maps made to date are the same.  Each customer we will receive a proof after we design the map and can make as many adjustments as they like to make it just right.  

The next stage in map making is the actual cutting of the design.  To make a 3D wood map we must first cut the layers from wood.  The top lay is the land portion around the lake and the bottom portion is the water.  We use a large CO2 laser machine that allows us to cut maps up to 30x40 in size.  

The third step is sanding and preparing the wood map for staining and sealing.  We stain ever little piece as many lakes have tiny little islands that must be prepared.  

The final stage in your 3D wood map is framing the map in the clients choice of frames.  We include hanging hardware with the frame so it is ready to hand upon receipt.  

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